also if you Need work and can only get seasonal positions, make sure while you take the seasonal position you're still looking for stable employment, because most of the time that seasonal gig isn't going to bring you on as a regular employee

seasonal positions basically exist so companies can fill labor positions during high traffic periods for only the time necessary to train and have people there during the high traffic periods. they're essentially a way for them to get around having a full, well paid staff year round because its cheaper to run on a skeleton during the rest of the year, and hire up untrained or low skill work for peanuts during busy periods. this is specifically a retail related phenomenon, please don't jump at me about seasonal acting gigs for haunted houses and theme parks


@CyclopsCaveman ‘running lean’ also has the advantage of keeping a staff desperate and divided, competing against each other for enough hours, too perpetually exhausted to organise or even really acknowledge their situation.

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