I get that y'all sit around dreaming of the 90's hating Microsoft and pretend Google is some kinda spy agency but...

Can we focus on destroying Facebook for awhile? They are openly admitting they want to help shady politicians lie globally. They're openly admitting their unprecedented ad targeting should be used for politics. Their founder is now admitting that Facebook has a material advantage if they influence the elections away from even modestly leftist policies.

They're not a hypothetical harm. They're not an abstract harm. They're not just collecting highly personal data on a global scale and probably aware of your family graph on a level no other company can match, but *they're openly admitting they're part of political misinformarion*. They helped analytics firms game the Brexit and US2016 election.

This is the means of communication, folks. Either we seize it or we destroy it. Option 3 is that Facebook is a government propaganda system for hire contracting itself out to every would-be despot in the globe, tactically tilting the scales everywhere to maximize the influence of unrestricted capitalism.

@endomain and they're about to launch a currency so they can basically surpass any economic controls that could be imposed on them.


@Authoritimmy @endomain who'd have thought a cyberpunk dystopia would be so banal

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