ubuntu unity adds a feature that sends your search queries to amazon over https. this feature is enabled by default but can be turned off. RESULT: community-wide outrage, massive backlash, feature is set to opt-in and has since been removed

windows 10 adds ridiculously invasive spying to its operating system, bakes in ads, bundles candy crush, forces restarts for updates, aggressively forces upgrading from windows 7/8/8.1 for an entire year, uses the insider rings to test buggy updates, repeatedly "accidentally" resets the default browser to edge, injects advertisements for edge into the operating system, advertises onedrive from the file manager, forces invasive telemetry on users that can be made less invasive (but never disabled) by upgrading to the more expensive version... RESULT: outrage, backlash, etc. some hold on to 7/8.1 but eventually give in. windows 10 becomes the most popular OS in the world. users accept that this is the way things are now.


i'm glad i have so many followers who use windows, because no matter how horrible my posts get, they won't bother looking for an alternative to them

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"oh yeah, she just posts these giant advertisements now. it's not too bad since you can just scroll past them."

"she DMs me repeatedly to call me a wanker but i just muted that word and now the DMs don't show up"

"i mean, considering all the work she does on the posts, $150 isn't too bad a price for the premium subscription"

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@lynnesbian i am a thickie who is lazy and that is my excuse

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