Storm chasing, death 

Capitalists: If people aren't forced to work through threat of homelessness and starvation they wouldn't contribute to society.

Storm Chasers: I drove to El Reno Oklahoma in 2013 on my own dime and recorded footage of the largest tornado on record. After the first storm chaser deaths occurred at this storm, I pooled my footage with the footage of other storm chasers and we created a detailed timeline of what happened, overlaying everyone's position and path using Google maps and timing the footage with lightning strikes, so that we could invent new best practices for storm chasing to prevent future deaths. These findings had the secondary effect of contributing to the science of meterology by showing patterns of super cell development and tornadic activity. These findings were released for free on the internet.


Storm chasing, death 


Turns out, most science happens in spite of Capitalism, rather than because of.

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