my tax system is simple: it's called the Blue Shell method. At the end of every day, we fuckin blow up the richest person and redistribute their wealth, until there's no more billionaires.

Sure, we could axe all the billionaires all at once, but I like imagining what they'd do to each other as they scrambled to duck out of first place.

there is a more ethical solution called inheritance tax. the idea behind that is that you dont have to blow any beeing up at all. Trust me, nature will sure do its thing anyway. So why all the hate?

@zem you know what? you're correct. I do hate billionaires. quite passionately. I firmly believe that in order to class a billion dollars, one has to be thoroughly evil -- most of that money was presumably stolen through wage slavery.

every single person who dies of starvation while billionaires exist is a death on their hands. and need I remind you that 100 companies are responsible for 70% of climate change, or that we could power the US on a nevada desert solar farm if we gave a shit.

@zem "blowing them up" is mildly hyperbolic for a joke, but I do support the guillotine


@zem @jacethechicken

Counterpoint: we take the money from the billionaries and use it to make a space laser cannon that targets billionares.

If they don't want us to do it they can just build their own space laser, they already have the money to do it.

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