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Why do girl keep doing this when it literally says not to on my profile? Wtf rude.

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Hit New Game Show!!!

Lecture a Trans Girl about how she doesn't know Trans Histooooory

(You always lose)

the first ball broke her nose and the second one broke her leg

yes, really

Heh, I'm married to the script but I'm, heh, Willing to cheat

this toot intentionally left blank⠀⠀

I'm gonna put on an Iron Shirt and chase the Devil out of the Earth

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The Civil War wasn't the War of Northern Aggression, but it should have been.

Still like, kind of amazed I've had sex. Like, Huh? Pulled that off somehow.

@geesehoward Oklahoma was one of them. Home of the Tulsa race massacre. (tenting fingers) Much has changed....

remember they passed laws in some places that makes it legal to run over protesters blocking the street?

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