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I'd literally rather drive a dirty impact drill through my skull than get a nuralink.

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LSD Journal 

I took LSD, cuddled some naked girls, it was rad.

in the classic genesis vs snes debate i love early genesis and then switched to snes tbh. i havent even played sonic 3 and i call myself a sonic fan. im sorry sega :bunhduwu:

Dad, why are you back from the dead and judging me for having tits?

Lewd, kermit rule 64 

Mr. Piggy slamming fem kermit up the ass while she lays a slimy clutch of eggs.

Absolutely stupid lewd idea 

TF2 but mad milk makes you pregnant

My dad came at least twice and I literally have to live because of that.

Breed Kink 

Shooting yourself up with an insane amount of breeding hormones and finding the nearest penis haver to fill your pussy with cum

foot... kink? baffling? please observe this christian youtuber. her whole deal is that she puts her bare feet up in the middle of the frame and then tells you about jesus. her channel is explicitly marketed for "foot lovers" BUT no adult comments are allowed

uspol rant, criticism of the left 

Wishing for a second Trump term because it'll make things "bad" enough for your precious Revolution to happen is uhhh how do we put it pure fucking evil eat shit.

And seeing "no difference" between Biden and Trump is a pretty damned oblivious position, too, like good job ignoring the swell of voices form BIPOC and Latines testifying to how much worse things got, not to mention the non-handling of the pandemic, the dismantlement of Obama-era institutions for dealing with precisely this situation, and how many deaths those actions caused, disproportionately hitting racial minorities and the poor. Like fuck you.

I do not want any part of your Glorious Revolution whose altar requires the lives of the most vulnerable and marginalized people as offerings. If you see BIPOC and poor people as acceptable sacrifices and not indispensable comrades and, like, fellow human beings, that's the point where I can no longer distinguish your revolution from fascist fantasies.

Help the Anarcho-Bideniesta's kidnnapped my large son and are forcing him to work in the gender mines

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