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Why do girl keep doing this when it literally says not to on my profile? Wtf rude.

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if you shave your legs, or lose your arm, or replace every atom in your body with a new one over the course of a decade or so, you do not stop being you. but this is not a Ship-Of-Theseus-esque paradox because atoms are not you -- they are just currently in a you-esque shape, doing you-like things.

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spoilers, i guess, for portal 

is Caroline/GLaDOS a Grace

I talked to my father. There is no love.

— Logem Roldethoddom, Dwarven Child

faeposting, hypnokink, refers to 'you' 

"Penny for your thoughts, dear." I say, putting a penny on the table. You pick it up, and your mind just goes blank.

NSFW art, Deltarune enemy spoiler 

Werewerewire strongly blocks the way!


i dont post hog often but i think this pic is cute. plus check out my badoinkers

Why are all my posts being liked by people who don't follow me?

train company: LEGAL NAME AND GENDER ONLY otherwise say BYE BYE to getting a travel card
me: what if i get a business card
train company: go on
me: it's for my employee, who is also me, but using my actual name and gender
train company: absolutely! of course ma'am

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bank: you MUST register with your LEGAL name! none of this TRANS GENDERED CRAP
me: what if i register as a business?
bank: no problem of course
me: what if the business name is my actual name, the one you don't want me to use?
bank: absolutely not a problem at all

Ye olde humiliation kinke, put me in a pillory and throw rotten tomatoes at me for i have been a naughty girle

My new drink of choice is called "Abbachio Tea" and it's half ginger ale half lemonade.

Straight piss is also an acceptable subsitiute.

I remember Vegan activists coming to my school and showing me a video of a slaughter house, So I just told them I worked in one and went on a huge rant about how I didn't like my work, but I needed it to not get evicted and pay for my medical bills.

why do people drink milk for calcium, when sea shells are free and mostly calcium carbonate


@JohnBrownJr please dont cancel me for spreading misinformation without a cw

I'm not even like, hot in some way. I'm just hideous and don't look like a girl.

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