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I meant to cw this >.< 

daoist shitpost 

I'm recontextualizing yin and yang as bottom and top energy rather than feminine and masculine energy

@luna gender reveal parties should be for trans people only

"gender reveal party" shouldn't be something your dumb cis parents do after you're born

gender reveal party should be when you come out as a gay cryptid that wants to live in the woods and eat paper and snails

I won't let anything stop me wagging. I'm a dog.
*W A G*

replacing smaller individual Gender Reveal Parties with one big centralized Gender Reveal Expo held every year during Pride in Los Angeles where wealthy consumers and industry insiders get a preview of all the hot new genders coming up in the next year

I'm required by law to tell all potential dates that "I'm a fan of wolves"


Like dude seriously I picked up The Wolf Children at the library and Maren is definately about to get that wolf pipe I need to stop reading it's making me horny for wolf.

femminism should hire me for it's r&d department

when will they make a combination strap on harness/katana sheath

just thinking about how mainstream economics consistently fails to accurately describe reality, all the time, and in literally most other scientific fields this would result in a theory being dropped in favour of a better one

@Chickiepup I wish my roommates would do that for my lizard (me, I'm a reptile)

I feel like I've made a lot of posts nobody's replied to and I'm worried everyone muted me and thinks I suck.

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