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Woof woof, It's time!

Hi! I'm Roxie! I'm a very good <fox> Puppy!! I like to go woofy!! Please give me juicebox an roni treats an comic books!! Headpats tooooo!

I used to give angry political takes, but I'm tryna move away from that!!! Losing freinds and getting beat up makes me sad!


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As far as mystery solvers go, I'm personally a fan of Hercule Poirot solely because during my senior year of high-school I learned that if you take a picture of Danny DeVito and draw a mustache and bowler hat on him, you can make him be a puppet and be all like "I am Hercule Poirot, hon hon" instead of doing geometry problems.


not playing outer wilds to own the Gamers

uspol, electoralism 

I hate Biden, and we'll need to fight whoever ends up occupying the white house, but I could see Biden doing a more or less competent job of organizing the distribution of a COVID vaccine, whereas Trump will definitely fuck it up on purpose in order to make his buddies a mint

I'm generally cool with leftists hating on Biden and the system, it's important to wake libs up to the nature of the game, but I'm also stuck trying to guess who among us honestly doesn't think that the distribution of vaccines next year is significant

And it's making Masto a lot less pleasant

Not us though. Nah we ain't gonna be dug up by some archaeologist 1000 years later who goes "hmm looks like a male specimen" nah we are going full Buddhist-mode funeral, giant building-sized pyre and all

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I have taken too much damage from being a discourse warrior on Facebook but I think I managed to look good for the audience.


It sounds so much easier in a really simple way. The thinking of a big bully. Wow, Canada has cheap drugs -- let's just take theirs instead of reigning in our own pharma distributors!

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I really can't stress enough how stupid the concept of "drug importation" as a solution to high pharmaceutical prices is.

It's quintessentially American, too. Instead of dealing with our own problem in a rational, if politically difficult way, we've decided that the silver bullet is to just siphon off resources from someone who is doing a little bit better -- to their extreme detriment.

Persona 4: This is Rise

Me, stupid an prolly racist 14 year old: Hello Rice

capitalism: if you don’t like how your job treats you you can just get a new job

me: ok i want a new job

capitalism: oh sorry it’s the time every six years where the entire economy is fucking destroyed so rich people can loot it right now. why don’t you beg in the street for scraps

today's hot take is that if your typing speed test doesn't let me backspace and fix mistakes, it's unrealistic

when i make a mistake, i often feel it before i consciously recognize that it's there, and i've already hit backspace and corrected it by the time i've noticed it

if i type dof instead of dog, i'll immediately hit backspace and type the g. but if your typing test doesn't let me backspace, i'm now out of sync from where i think i am and i'm probably going to make 3 or 4 more "errors" before i realize the issue, come to a complete stop, think about where i need to be, and start typing again. it sucks

Subtooting is beneath me.

...but like. Just barely.

Forcing its skeletal hand out of the ground grasping for my ankles as I run and scream.

the reason giant mech pro wrestling is a good idea is because you get all the beauty of overdramatic mech fights, with the incredibly stupid weapons and the overdramatic poses

but you don't need the military-focus vague facism gun adoration. hell you can still HAVE guns and explosions but now they become precision weapons of drama instead of murder

and yet you get the SAME DUMBASS STORYLINES

imagine unmasking someone a masked fighter by ripping them out of their cockpit. that's fuckin cool

When I form my own nation, the national mammal will be a fox. The national bird will be a fox with a jetpack.

Suicide ment 


Random guy in the Subaru I'm in front of: "Bruh"

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Suicide ment 

Cop: Did anyone else get hurt
Me: I asked a lady to hit me with her car
Cop: Do you understand what you asked her to do?
Me: Your job

ignoring all the various apocalypses and endgame scenarios set up in 2020 and remembering it as the year of femboy

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